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Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal in Mt. Shasta, CA

Laser hair reduction offers the benefits of long-lasting and effective hair removal without having to purchase supplies for keeping skin smooth and stubble-free at home. After several sessions, body hair is eliminated or softened and refined to the point that it is invisible. You never have to worry about whether you’re ready to wear certain outfits or enjoy a day at the beach or pool; your skin will be smooth and virtually hair-free when needed. Laser technology has been approved by the FDA and used to help create smooth skin for decades.

If you’ve spent any time shaving your legs, underarms, forearms, or bikini area – much less all these together – you know how time-consuming this can be. Beyond the sheer inconvenience of shaving, the cost of buying expensive comfort razors and the creams necessary to get a close shave gets quite hefty. Even alternatives that prove to be slightly longer-lasting, such as waxing, aren’t necessarily any easier or more cost-effective – not to mention the need to let the hair grow for weeks to effectively remove it with strips and waxing.

Laser hair removal treatments take away the stress of maintaining silky smooth skin, keeping unwanted body hair at bay with little-to-no maintenance. Schedule your consultation in Encinitas, CA, to create your treatment plan.

Diolaze Strip

Treated Areas

Leg Laser Hair Removal Encinitas
underarm Laser Hair Removal Encinitas
Facial Laser Hair Removal Encinitas
Chest Laser Hair Removal Encinitas
Bikini Laser Hair Removal Encinitas
brazillian Laser Hair Removal Encinitas

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal Treatments

It’s Precise

Revolutionary laser technology is incredibly precise, making laser hair removal ideal for people looking to target and remove a few specific hairs. This makes it a great option, even if you’re looking to remove small areas of hair from around the eyebrows, upper lip, nose, bikini line, or hairline. 

Less Painful

Laser hair removal is a lot less painful than most people think. Many people equate it to the feeling of snapping a rubber band against the skin. Depending on your threshold for pain, you may find it slightly uncomfortable, but the sessions are so fast that most people find it easy to endure. 

Whole Body

With the exception of the eyelashes, laser hair removal can be performed on any part of the body. It’s especially ideal for the back and intimate areas, which can be hard to reach with razors and extremely painful to wax.

Long-Term Solution

Most people see permanent, lasting results with laser hair removal treatments. In some cases, you may need a touch-up a few months or years down the line, but this solution offers lasting results compared to shaving, waxing, and other treatments.

It's Quick

You will have to have multiple treatment sessions to reach the desired effect on unwanted body hair, but most sessions only take a few minutes. The smaller the treated area, the less time you’ll spend under the laser.

Prevents Ingrown Hairs

By destroying the hair at the root, you’ll never have to worry about those pesky hairs growing back in or curling back into the body and becoming ingrown.

Say Bye To Unwanted Body Hair

Laser hair removal targets the hair follicle root with diode laser technology to leave skin feeling smoother permanently. After the course of treatments, you'll be ready to hit the beaches near Encinitas, CA, anytime! No hair regrowth means no more waxing, plucking, or shaving!

Gentle Enough For Facial Hair

Unlike other techniques, our gentle treatment can target the most sensitive areas to achieve optimal results anywhere, including unwanted facial hair and the bikini zone. The high level of accuracy and delicate application offers a convenient way to look your best all the time!

Before & After Gallery

Laser Hair Removal Reviews

I've been coming to Blissfusion for laser hair removal and I am SO happy! I was nervous at first, but the staff was great and the procedure was so easy. I'm a total convert.


About Our Innovative Treatments

At Blissfusion we use the DIOLAZEXL laser, a hair removal solution offering peak power with optimal speed. Designed with state-of-the-art diode lasers, the DiolazeXL offers patients the most effective hair removal treatment. DiolazeXL has built-in safeguards to ensure that all sessions are comfortable and relatively pain-free. DiolazeXL targets coarse and stubborn hair, up to skin type VI.


The gold standard wavelength, pulsing, and power for optimal results and maximum safety.

Fewer treatments

The large treatment surface of the Diolaze efficiently and effectively removes hair from the follicle in four to six sessions.


Powerful enough to target and treat even the most stubborn hair.

Virtually Painless

Virtually painless due to strong built-in cooling.

  • Is NAD+ infusions safe?
    Yes, NAD+ is a natural substance in the body. Our staff will be there to monitor you for the entirety of the infusion.
  • Are there any side effects to NAD+ therapy?
    NAD+ therapy has the potential to cause nausea, cramping, and muscle fatigue.
  • How long does the infusion take?
    NAD+ must be administered slow, dripping over a 2 hour time span.
  • How soon will I feel the effects of the infusion?
    It is possible to feel the benefit of NAD+ immediately or up to 1-2 days after.
  • What does NAD+ therapy treat?
    NAD+ therapy helps with the aging process, mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, and works as an overall brain boost to reset your body’s internal clock.
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