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Blissfusion Hydration & Wellness Mount Shasta California

A space where
wellness is

Blissfusion is a unique Wellness Lounge, located in Mount Shasta, which takes an innovative approach to providing a relaxing and holistically rejuvenating experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. We provide our clients with a variety of options when it comes to managing their overall health, beauty, and wellness.

We take great pride in providing our community with high quality, patient-centric wellness services. We offer many different options including top of the line vitamin injections, NAD, IV therapy drips and more. Our expert medical staff are here to serve you, so let us know how we can help.


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Our Services

Blissfusion IV therapy Mt Shasta California
Blissfusion Vitamin Injections Mt Shasta California
Blissfusion NAD Mt. Shasta California

From curing a hangover to promoting weight loss to cleansing toxins, IV vitamin therapy shows many promising health and wellness benefits.

Vitamin injections allow your body to utilize 100% of the nutrients since they are administered directly into your bloodstream.

NAD is a critical co-enzyme found in every cell in

your body, and is involved in hundreds of

metabolic processes.

About Blissfusion Mount Shasta

Blissfusion Wellness Lounge is a unique blend of spa, wellness and beauty treatments wrapped up in a intimate setting where you can relax or rejuvenate your health.

Our dream was a cute IV lounge and when the dream became a reality Blissfusion opened as a full service Wellness Lounge with staff who have trained in dermatology, the Emergency Room, Labor & Delivery and ICU.  

Our highly experienced team is here for you to help you feel and look your best, all in a relaxing environment.  Within our Shasta wellness center facility you can enjoy IV therapy, vitamin injections, functional testing and NAD treatments.


I am so happy I found Natalie!!! She was very easy to book with and made the process very easy. She came to my house, gave my daughter a vitamin boost, and left. She then emailed me the receipt. So convenient! My daughter feels better already after having her vitamin boost. I recommend her to anyone looking for a quick fix of vitamins!


I am still in awe of how great my experience was. I learned so much about my body, how it works and how to keep it running smoothly. Natalie's knowledge and expertise is very impressive. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a IV therapy.


Blissfusion IV Therapy Mt. Shasta California
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